Join our Board of Trustees to help shape the future of quadball.

The Board of Trustees leads the IQA and has ultimate authority over the business, policies, affairs, and activities of the organization.

Trustees are elected for a term of one year. A trustee’s term ends at the next General Assembly, at which point they may re-run to continue their role as a trustee. Trustees may be elected up to 9 years in a row.

Use the form below to tell us about yourself and your experiences that would make you stand out as a trustee. 

Apply to be an IQA trustee

Trustees are elected at an Annual General Meeting, or an Emergency Assembly if required.

Until our maximum board size of 12 is met, trustee applications are always open.

Anyone can apply. Current IQA volunteers and NGB representatives are also eligible to be trustees.

The IQA mostly operates in English, and so applicants must be proficient in both verbal and written English.