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IQA Adopts the “3-Max” Gender Policy

Sep 25, 2023 | News

The IQA is thrilled to announce a historic change to the sport—the introduction of what has been known unofficially as the “3-Max” policy into the international level of the sport. After an overwhelming show of support from our dedicated members, this rule change represents our ongoing commitment to inclusivity and diversity within the sport.

The “3-Max” policy states that during portions of the game without a seeker (the first 20 minutes of the game, as well as any overtime played), each team may not have more than three players (of the six total players in play at the time) who identify as the same gender in play at the same time. This limit would increase to four players of the same gender when the seventh player (the seeker) is in play.

The IQA recently concluded a member-wide survey to understand player’s opinions on the “3-Max” policy, the experiences of our players, and what exceptions, if any, are needed for the sport to continue to grow. The survey was distributed to all 34 NGBs, who were each given 45 anonymous codes to provide to their players. In total, 516 players responded. The data was analysed by the IQA “3-Max” Survey Committee, primarily comprised of Lore Badts (IQA Director of Communications), Jeremy Schleicher (IQA Director of Operations), Jamie Turbet (IQA Director of Membership and Gameplay), Michael Clark-Polner (IQA Rulebook Manager), and Eléonore Devillepoix (IQA “3-Max” Survey Analyst).

The support for the updated policy has received an overwhelming endorsement from IQA members and players. Over 80% of survey respondents voted in favor of adopting this policy for competition between NGBs, and over 75% voted in favor of adopting it within their own NGBs. The survey demonstrated that support came from various categories of teams, NGBs and players.

In addition to the overwhelming support from the member survey, the NGBs passed a motion to adopt the policy in any capacity during the March 2023 Annual Assembly, and a petition in favor of the policy received over 700 signatures. This global consensus reinforces the unity of the quadball community, and the collective vision for a more diverse and inclusive sport. There is also strong support for the implementation of exemptions to various categories of teams at both the international and national level. A full report of the survey results, as well as further details on exemptions, will be released at the end of October.

We extend our thanks to all members who participated, voted, detailed their concerns, and voiced their support for this transformative change, as well as to the volunteers on the “3-Max” Survey Committee for their time and expertise. If you would like to contact the committee with any questions, please email [email protected].