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Bidding for the IQA Continental Games 2021 is open

Oct 1, 2020 | Events

Following the recent postponement of the IQA World Cup 2021 and taking into consideration feedback received from the NGBs, the IQA has decided to open bids for the 2021 IQA Continental Games. We are aware of the uncertainty for the future related to the current pandemic but at the same time we believe that it is important for our community to have goals to work towards. For this reason we are not putting all the events on hold, but we prefer to work closely with every NGB and event partner to evaluate the feasibility of every competition, prioritizing the health and safety of our players, volunteers and spectators.

The IQA Events Department will establish conditions and timelines for the events to be able to go ahead, which will be made available on the IQA website. We also ask for information regarding COVID-19 to be submitted in the bid package. Each event will be individually evaluated on an ongoing basis during the planning process.

The IQA Continental Games consist of European Games, Pan-American Games and Oceania-Asian Games: 

  • The IQA European Games will have a 3-day competition, starting on Friday, with the finals played on Sunday. 
  • The IQA Pan-American Games, and Oceania-Asian Games will have a 2-day competition over the weekend, with the finals being played on Sunday. 
  • The dates offered for the events should be between June 1st and August 31st. Bids for Oceania-Asian Games may also include alternative dates from November 1st until January 31st.

All bids are due by October 25, 2020. We are aware that this is a short deadline, we will be unable to extend the bidding deadline to ensure there is sufficient time to organize the events. The requirements are those that would fit the ideal bid, if your bid does not meet all the requirements, we encourage you to still submit your bid. Should any of the IQA Continental Games not receive a suitable bid, that event will not be organised this season.

You can download the IQA Continental Games 2021 Bid Manual on the documents page, which contains all the information you need to prepare and complete your submission. Questions may be directed to Pauline Raes, IQA Events Director, through [email protected].