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International Quidditch Association prepares for European Games 2022

Jul 13, 2022 | Events

The International Quidditch Association (IQA) is excited to be running the IQA European Games 2022  taking place in Limerick, Ireland.

The tournament, the first IQA tournament in Europe since 2019, will take place on the weekend of July 23-24 at the University of Limerick’s Pavilion sports grounds. Twenty national teams from across Europe, as well as/including France, Italy, Germany and Sweden will be meeting each other on the field. The tournament will consist of a group stage on Saturday and knockout stage on Sunday finishing with a grand final to decide who gets to take home the European title!

Quidditch is the world’s only full contact, fully mixed gendered sport and is played by thousands of players throughout the world. Seven players on each team compete to outscore their opponents by scoring the quaffle through one of the opposition hoops, defending their own hoops with tackles and bludgers, and catching the snitch to win the game.

Lore Badts, Tournament Planning Manager of the International Quidditch Association, said: “We’re very excited to have international quidditch on a national team level return to Europe with IQA European Games 2022. All the national teams have been preparing for months for the challenge and we’re looking forward to some entertaining and competitive quidditch!”

People wishing to follow the IQA European Games 2022 can follow the tournament’s official pages on Instagram and Facebook. There will be livestreams of several matches throughout the tournament via this link: iqasport.org/live.