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IQA World Cup 2023 Roster Eligibility Exceptions

Jan 1, 2023 | Events

We are excited to be releasing the Roster Eligibility Exceptions for IQA World Cup 2023! If you have any other questions about eligibility or other event policies, please don’t hesitate to reach out through [email protected].

RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT – The IQA will be waiving the Residency Requirement from the Events Roster Policy for all national teams participating in the IQA World Cup 2023. As such, no rosters for this event will have a required minimum number of athletes who are full-time residents. The Minimum Roster Size and Gender Balance provisions of the Events Roster Policy, as well as the National Team eligibility criteria for athletes as outlined in the Events Eligibility Policy, still apply. Following this World Cup cycle, the IQA Events and Membership departments will be reviewing the policy further in consideration of lasting changes to the Residency Requirement.

MULTIPLE NATIONAL TEAMS UNDER AN NGB – As the only national teams previously approved under this provision of the Events Eligibility Policy, the IQA is approving the requests from England, Scotland, and Wales to continue competing separately at the IQA World Cup 2023. The eligibility of these national teams for this event will be evaluated independently from one another and the IQA Events department will be reviewing the policy further in consideration of allowing for the approval of a Multiple National Teams application to last beyond a singular IQA event.

NON-MEMBER NATIONAL TEAMS – The IQA currently has 19 Full Members and 15 Associate Members, all of whom that are in good standing are eligible to send national teams to compete in the IQA World Cup 2023. The IQA Membership department is currently evaluating the Membership Status System, including exploring a formal process for how the IQA recognizes entities in the process of developing a governing body. As it stands, no other entities will have automatic eligibility to participate in IQA events. If any entity that is not one of the IQA’s 34 members is interested in participating in the IQA World Cup 2023, an application form will be released alongside the full registration for the event later this month; all submissions will be considered by the IQA Events department. If at the end of the registration period, multiple entities have submitted an application to represent the same group, the IQA will determine if one, multiple, or none of the entities will be allowed to compete

The Roster Eligibility Exceptions can also be found here and under Documents & Policies.
Translations of the document can be found here: FrenchGerman and Spanish