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IQA World Cup Updates

Aug 3, 2022 | Events

The IQA and USQ are really excited to announce the dates for the IQA World Cup 2023! As previously announced, the IQA World Cup 2023 will take place in Richmond, Virginia (USA). We are delighted to be able to share with you now that the event will be taking place on the 15th – 16th, July, 2023.

Luke Zak, IQA Events Director said: “We are so excited to continue working on the IQA World Cup! After having two amazing Continental Games, I’m certain that we will have a wonderful World Cup! We are also looking forward to working with USQ, who have played an amazing leadership role in the history of quadball.”

Mary Kimball, US Quadball Executive Director said: “The US is very excited to finally be able to host the IQA World Cup next summer. We’ve been planning for this event since 2018 and to be able to welcome the international community to Richmond is an honor.”

More updates about the IQA World Cup 2023 will be released in the coming months.