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The IQA is looking for new trustees to serve on its board

Jan 9, 2021 | News

The IQA Nominations Committee is co-chaired by Kym Couch (USA) and Rahel Liviero (Switzerland), joined by one National Governing Body (NGB) representative and one IQA volunteer.

Trustees serve as part of a small group that makes governing decisions for the IQA. The trustees have a direct hand in shaping the future of the organization and the sport overall. The general powers of the board include, but are not limited to:

  • Hire, evaluate, terminate, and set compensation for any staff.
  • Admit new members, reclassify, and terminate memberships as provided in the constitution.
  • Maintain a culture of ethical behaviour and compliance throughout the IQA.
  • Achieve transparency in the operations of the IQA as is reasonably achievable.
  • Set the strategic plan, budget, and corporate performance measures.
  • Monitor the financial reporting process and the legal and regulatory compliance program.
  • Set policy on capital distribution, financial strategies, borrowing commitments, and long term financial planning.
  • Monitor the IQA’s assets to ensure that they are properly protected. 
  • Conduct an annual review of the IQA’s performance and effectiveness and determine future actions required to achieve the IQA’s mission.
  • Take such other action as is customary for a board of directors of a nonprofit corporation.

Applications for the open Trustee positions are due on Jan. 31, 2021. The interviews will be held between Feb 1 – 7, 2021. The final confirmation vote for trustees will be conducted at the IQA Assembly Meeting on February 20, 2021.

See below for the detailed timeline and explanation of the application process, as well as opportunities to give feedback. Either NGB representatives or members of the public who have questions, comments, or feedback on either the overall process or the priorities considered when selecting trustees, are encouraged to email us at [email protected].

Jan. 31, 2021: Deadline for applications

Applicants should email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Occupation
  • Country of residence
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)
  • Cover Letter, addressing:
    – What is your motivation to apply as a Trustee?
    – What do you see as the future of the IQA and quidditch in general?
    – How do you want to achieve this?
    – What skills would you bring to the role of trustee?
  • OPTIONAL: Letter of nomination from NGB 
    – Candidates may apply directly without an NGB nomination. 
    – A single NGB may nominate more than one candidate.  
    – Any NGB may nominate any candidate, regardless of their country of residence.

Feb 1- 7, 2021: Candidate interviews

  • Private interviews will be conducted with each candidate as applications are submitted. 
  • Interviews will include standard questions determined by the committee, and each interview will involve the candidate and at least one member of the committee. 
  • Written notes will be taken during each interview and shared with all members of the committee.

Feb 8, 2020: Candidate summaries shared with NGB representatives

  • A short profile of each candidate that the committee recommends to advance will be shared with representatives of each NGB. This information will include their cover letter and resume/CV. 
  • A summary will also be shared for candidates that the committee does not recommend to advance. 
    – This may include candidates who decline to advance after the interview process or candidates who do not fit the minimum expectations for the position, including English proficiency and availability for Board meetings. 
    – Any NGB representative who has further questions about candidates in this summary may ask and the committee will provide additional information. 
    – If after this additional information is provided, an NGB representative recommends that the candidate be advanced, unless they had directly declined to further their application, the committee will note this for NGBs.
  • Please note that those recommendations are not final and may be amended. The final recommendations will be presented at the Assembly.

Feb. 20, 2021: Committee recommendations presented at Assembly

  • Committee shares final recommendations with NGBs at Assembly:
  • The report will note all candidates who applied, the status for each (whether or not they were advanced beyond the interviews) and candidate summaries sent on February 8, 2020.
  • The recommendations will note the level of qualification the committee believes each candidate has for the trustee position: either recommended or not recommended. 
  • This report will include a note of which candidates have received NGB nominations and which candidates applied directly and will need to be nominated by an NGB during the AGM to be voted on.

Feb. 20, 2021: Assembly Meeting and confirmation vote.

  • The nominations committee will present the recommendations report and answer additional questions from NGBs.
  • To be voted upon, each applicant will need to be nominated by an NGB either through the application process (see step 2) or through a verbal nomination at the AGM. 
  • Each candidate will be voted on individually during the AGM. Only NGBs who are full members of the IQA may cast votes. No trustee can be elected without an affirmative vote of the majority of voters present at the AGM.

February/March 2021 (TBA): Onboarding of Trustees

  • Formal offers will be made to Trustees voted upon during the AGM.
  • After this point, the onboarding process will proceed with the IQA staff.

Again, we encourage you to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any feedback. We look forward to working together to move the sport forward!

Kym Couch (Co-Chair) and Rahel Liviero (Co-Chair)